Year 7 – DT – DT3

Week 3 Making your Design

Making your design is an opportunity for your idea to come to life. Use the below making and decorating processes to construct your design 

Success Criteria

  • Use recycled materials to make your design​
  • A range of features added and cut out Eg. Perch, window​
  • Attachment and function considered in a practical way​
Health and safety 

Take care when using sharp equipment.


  • Get somebody to help you hold your design when cutting so that you don’t slip​
  • Cut away from your body​
  • Keep fingers out of the way!
Materials list

The making process

Stage 2- decorating your model

There are lots of different ways that you can decorate and add detail to your design. Here are some suggestions that you may want to use. 

Success Criteria
Used at least one technique to decorate your design ​
A range of features added Eg. windows, roof tiles​
Techniques applied in an innovative and creative way. 

This four week project will continue next week. Remember if you’re struggling with something you can email your DT teacher. ​

Good Luck!