Spanish Introduction


¡Bienvenido Year 10! I hope you are all well. This page will be updated weekly with skills, top tips, culture, vocabulary and grammar to support your learning. Everything uploaded is aimed at putting you in the best position to succeed in your GCSE’s. We also hope to inspire you with a bit of fun and culture too!

Using online dictionaries is one of the best online dictionaries you can use. You simply type the word you want to find into the search bar and then be sure it is going to find your word from the ‘English-Spanish’ setting underneath the search bar.

It’s very important to know what type of word you are looking for. Is it a verb, a noun or an adjective? I wanted to find the word ‘searching’ and this is what it gave me:

Once I’ve found my verb, I need to make sure I remember the infinitive and then think about how I might need to change it to use in a sentence or how it changes in different tenses so I can recognise it.

Word Reference Task

Now use the information above to complete the task below.

The answers to the task can be found on the second slide

Using online Translators – video

How to type Spanish accents/punctuation

When you type in Spanish online or on your computer it is very important to ensure you include the accents on words so that they convey the correct meaning.

For example: hablo – I speak… habló – he/she spoke

Use the codes below to practice on a word document.

Broma del día – Joke of the day

Did you hear about the Spanish-speaking magician? He said “for my next trick, I will disappear on the count of three. Uno, dos -” but then he vanished without a tres.

La cultura española

As you are aware, we have just had our Easter holidays. This is known as ‘Semana Santa’ in Spain, which means Holy Week. The country of Spain is broken down into 17 autonomous regions. Below, we are going to look at how Semana Santa is celebrated in the region of Murcia, which is in the South East of Spain. Can you spot it on the map?

How does this differ to the way Easter is celebrated here in Bristol? Can you see any similarities to any other religions or religious celebrations from other cultures or countries?

Vale chicos y chicas… We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson.

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