The Culture Edition : Los Países Hispanohablantes

Pssst! Can you work out what this title means and what this week’s blog post may be about?

¡Bienvenidos el año 7!

How did you get on last week with question words? Knowing how to form questions in Spanish is so useful! Remember to email your Spanish teacher or us at with any work you do from the blog; we’d love to see it! And don’t forget to check in with the Y7 Learning Menu (below) for fun and creative ideas to keep your Spanish fresh throughout the summer!

Los países hispanohablantes : Spanish speaking countries

So, in this week’s culture edition we will be looking at Spanish speaking countries. Sometimes, when we are learning Spanish we think…well what’s the point? I don’t want to go to Spain. But wait….there are a whole world of Spanish speaking countries out there! Let’s check them out!

First of all to learn some new facts you may not have been aware of, have a go at the true or false (verdad o falso) quiz below. See how many you can get right by checking your answers on the next slide :).

Now with your new knowledge check out the map below. This shows the Spanish speaking countries around the world! Have a careful look as you will choose one for your research project below!

Your turn now! For this week you will research a Spanish speaking country of your choice finding out the information below. Feel free to add some extra information of your own too and make it artistic. We would love to see!

Don’t forget to save your work/screenshot/take a photo and send to your Spanish teacher or

Música de la semana 🙂 (Music of the week!)

As we have been learning about Spanish speaking countries, I wanted to show you this great tune Gente de Zona – La Gozadera ft. Marc Anthony. “La Gozadera” is a Spanish term meaning a good time or party. See how many Spanish speaking countries from the map you can hear. There are quite a few!

You will notice that they mention “Miami” a lot. You may be thinking why as this in in the USA? Well…58.5% of the 2.5 million people who live in Miami speak Spanish and half of those say they don’t speak English well. Many people have moved from Central and South America and settled in Miami; making it an amazing place to experience Latin American music and culture :).

Bromas de la semana 🙂 (Jokes of the week!)

*Soy = an alternative milk but it also means “I am” in Spanish 😉
* El lo hizo = He did it 😉

Vale chicos y chicas… We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson 🙂

¡Hasta pronto!

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