Spanish Introduction


Hola Year 7. Welcome to your first blog post for learning Spanish online. We have created something a little different to take you beyond the classroom while you learn from home.

Below is your Spanish Learning menu. There is something different for you to do each day at home to help boost your language skills and your cultural understanding.

Each week, this blog will contain ideas, activities, videos and other bits of fun that will help you with your extended Spanish project from home.

Identifying masculine and feminine nouns

Watch the video below to remind you of rules regarding masculine and feminine nouns.

Practice the rules from the video below.

Broma del día – Joke of the day

Did you hear about the Spanish-speaking magician? He said “for my next trick, I will disappear on the count of three. Uno, dos -” but then he vanished without a tres.

La cultura española

As you are aware, we have just had our Easter holidays. This is known as ‘Semana Santa’ in Spain, which means Holy Week. The country of Spain is broken down into 17 autonomous regions. Below, we are going to look at how Semana Santa is celebrated in the region of Murcia, which is in the South East of Spain. Can you spot it on the map?

How does this differ to the way Easter is celebrated here in Bristol? Can you see any similarities to any other religions or religious celebrations from other cultures or countries?

Vale chicos y chicas… We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson. Don’t forget to look at the Spanish Learning Menu (attached above) and tick off the sections you’ve completed. After today, you should be able to tick off mastering masculine and feminine, you’ve found out some information about Semana Santa in Murcia.

We would love to see what you have been able to create so please email us with photos at