Question Words: ¿?

¡Bienvenidos año 7!

“How do you say ‘do…?’ in Spanish? And what is the ‘¿’ all about?

These are two questions that I commonly hear from my Spanish students, and to which I reply, somewhat cryptically: “There is no word for ‘Do…?”. Cue baffled faces.

Fortunately, the business of turning a statement into a question in Spanish is a relatively straightforward one. This is good news for all you hispanohablantes out there, since the ability to formulate and ask questions is a crucial skill – not simply in the classroom or exam hall, but out there in the real world: in Spain; in Mexico; in Argentina; in engaging with the people and culture; in being curious and inquisitive linguists.

So here’s a video that neatly and thoroughly explains how to formulate different types of questions in Spanish. Have a pen and paper handy for taking notes, making a list of all the different question words that are mentioned, then have a go at answering the questions and completing the exercises that follow. Pssst! Answers at the bottom of this page.

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Broma de la semana

Translation: Which fruit laughs the most? (In English we say ‘hahaha’ to express laughter – In Spanish they use ‘jajaja’).

Culture Corner

Festival of San Fermín

This week would have marked the beginning of the highly-charged, controversial and downright dangerous Festival of San Fermín in Spain. You might know it more commonly as the Running of the Bulls that takes place each July in Pamplona.

The festival is a long-held tradition in Spain, but its validity and relevance are increasingly disputed on safety and animal welfare grounds. This short video clip offers perspectives from both sides of the argument.

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Vale chicos y chicas… We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson.

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