Welcome back hispanohablantes! ¿Cómo va la cuarentena?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that we have deviated from our Spanish flag this week, and have instead featured the #yomequedoencasa hashtag currently doing the rounds on Spanish social media. So what does ‘Yo me quedo en casa‘ mean, exactly? Scroll down to our Culture Corner to find out as Javier gives us the lowdown on lockdown life in Spain 🙂

How did you get on last week with the tortilla española? Don’t worry if you didn’t get round to it this time, we’ll be sharing plenty more delicious Spanish recipes for you to try out. Just remember to send your teacher evidence of your linguistic (and culinary) endeavours – or email us at And don’t forget to check in with the Y7 Learning Menu (below) for fun and creative ideas to keep your Spanish fresh!

To Infinitives…and beyond!

So this week we’re going to be looking at what is probably the single most important and fundamental aspect of Spanish grammar: the humble infinitive. The good news is that you will already have come across a few in class, and will have been using them like a pro without even realising 🙂 In fact, our last two WordPress lessons focused on two very useful verbs (ser and tener) which were also…yep, you’ve guessed it – infinitives.

So what is it about the verbs ser and tener that makes them ‘infinitives’? “And what on earth is an infinitive?” I hear you chorus. Well, watch the video for a clear and concise explanation, and then have a go at the linked tasks on the PPT and Word docs below it.

Don’t forget to screenshot/save your work and send to your Spanish teacher or Answers can be found at the bottom of this page.

Broma de la semana – Joke of the week

**la cuarentena = lockdown/quarantine / antes de = before / durante = during / yo = me

Culture Corner

#yomequedoencasa = I’m staying at home

This week we’re heading over to Granada in Spain, where actor, Javier, gives us his perspective on lockdown life in Spain. Grab a pen and piece of paper, watch the video and then have a go at the multiple-choice quiz! Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything you hear, there’ll be lots that you do 🙂

Now have a go at our multiple-choice quiz to see how much you understood! Answers at the bottom of the page 😉

Vale chicos y chicas… We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson 🙂

¡Hasta pronto!

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