The Electromagnetic Spectrum 7

Year 09 Topic 1: The Electromagnetic Spectrum.
9 Learning Opportunities From Monday the 30th of March until Friday the 1st of May
Learning Opportunity 7: Using Short Wavelengths.
This Learning Opportunity has four tasks to do.
Target Time: 60 minutes.
Aim: Compare and contrast the uses and effects of Ultraviolet, X-rays and Gamma rays

Task 1: Copy and complete a table. This will explain how the different waves are used.

Ultraviolet, X-Ray, and Gamma are all used for different things.
Copy and complete the table below. This will show how they are used.
Use the video to help if you need to. Use 2:55 – 3:55.
Check your answers at the end of the blog.

UltravioletX-raysGamma Rays

Task 2: Write three sentences using a table.

Copy and complete these three sentences.
Use the table underneath to choose the right words.
Check your answers at the end of the blog.
1) Bone transmits/absorbs X-rays, and/but transmits/absorbs gamma rays.
2) Fat transmits/absorbs X-rays, and/but transmits/absorbs gamma rays.
3) Muscle transmits/absorbs X-rays, and/but transmits/absorbs gamma rays.

SubstanceX-rays AbsorbedX-rays TransmittedGamma rays AbsorbedGamma rays Transmitted
“x” means does happen here. For example, x-rays are transmitted by muscle.

Task 3: Answer twelve quick questions, and six key questions.

Answer these questions

Check your answers at the end of the blog.

Six Key Questions:
Check your answers at the end of the blog.
1) Why do banks use UV?
2) Explain how UV radiation can be used in the food industry.
3) Describe ways that all of the short electromagnetic waves are being used in hospitals.
4) Explain what property of a wave allows us to see different colours.
5) CHALLENGE: Compare the wavelength and frequency of a gamma wave and a UV wave.
6) SUPER CHALLENGE: Explain how gamma rays are used to treat cancer.

Task 4: Check your answers and try the assessment question.

Task 1: UV is used in fluorescent tubes, UV pens, UV lamps for banknotes, sunbeds. X-Rays are used to scan luggage in the airport, and look for broken bones. Gamma rays are used to sterilize surgical instruments, and kill cancer cells.
Task 2: 1) Bone absorbs X-rays, but transmits gamma rays.
2) Fat transmits X-rays, and transmits gamma rays.
3) Muscle transmits X-rays, and transmits gamma rays.
Task 3:

Task 3:
1) to check for fake notes. 2) used to kill bacteria on food. 3) Gamma kills cancer and sterilises knives for surgery. X-ray looks for broken bones. UV is used for tanning beds. 4) the frequency or wavelength. 5) Gamma has a shorter wavelength and higher frequency. 6) A gamma ray is shone through the body and the cancer. Then the angle is changed and a new beam is shone through the body. The new beam hits the cancer but passes through a new part of the body to reach the cancer. This process is repeated 100 times. Then the caner has been hit 100 times so it dies, but each part of the body has only been hit once so the body stays healthy.

Exam Question:
Ultrasound and x-rays are used for medical scans.
Compare and contrast the advantages of using ultrasound and x-rays for medical scans [6 marks]

Answers to Exam Question

Mark scheme -indicative content- 1 point each:
A description linking some of the following    ultrasound does not cause damage to (healthy) cells / ORA    idea of real-time image with ultrasound    ultrasound uses non-ionising radiation    idea that (consultant) can change image position during ultrasound scan    3D image possible with ultrasound    ultrasound safer for consultant    ultrasound machines more portable    ultrasound can be used to measure blood flow rates    ultrasound gives detail of soft tissue    X-rays are more suitable for bony structures    X-rays produce higher resolution images    X- rays are more suitable for parts of body containing gas (lungs, intestines)