Magnetism 6

8 Learning Opportunities from Monday the 30th of March until Friday the 1st of May.
Learning Opportunity 6: Investigating Electromagnets
This Learning opportunity has three tasks to do.
Target Time: 40 minutes.


Task 1: Write a list using a video.

Write a list of at least 5 ways that electromagnets are useful.
Use the video to help.
Check your answers at the end of the blog.

Task 2: Write a plan by finishing nine sentences and watching a video.

Copy each title. Answer each question in full sentences. Watch the video about electromagnets to find the answers.
Equipment List
1) Write a list of the equipment used. Write down eight things.

Safety [1:50]
2a) What will happen if you use too much voltage?
2b) Write down one way to stay safe.

Variables [2:20]
3a) What are they changing (independent variable)?
3b) What will they find out (dependent variable)?

4) Write down a method for the experiment:
First write down the…
Then see how many… and write this down.
Then change the… and repeat.

Further Work [2:55]
4) What are the two other investigations to try?
[After 3:20 you can stop watching]

Task 3: Check your answers and try the challenge.

Task 1: loudspeakers, motors, magnetic recordings, relays (magnetic switch), electric bells, electric door lock. All these are useful because you can turn the magnet on and off.
Task 2: 1) Leads, power pack, paper clips, materials (iron nail etc.), wire, ammeter (and shunt), crocodile clips, rheostat. 2a) Wire could get hot or melt. 2b) Keep the voltage low. 3a) Amount of current (electricity). 3b) Number of paper clips they can lift. 4) First write down the current. Then see how many paper clips you can lift and write this down. Then change the current and repeat. 4) You could change the number of coils. You could test different materials in the core (middle).

Challenge: Write a different plan, or do an investigation.
Now choose your own investigation into magnets or electromagnets. You could investigate different materials, for example.
When you have decided what to investigate, draw a diagram (picture) of your investigation and write a method. Use the same titles as you did in task 2.
If you are lucky and have lots of things at home, you could make your own electromagnet and investigate for yourself! Write down what you have found, and write down a prediction of how you could make your electromagnet stronger.