Your CLF NATRE Gallery

As you know, over the Easter break we challenged you guys to blow the dust off the craft box and create a piece of art for the NATRE Spirited Arts Competition. All entries had to be linked to one of four, spiritual themes. So, without further ado, below are some of your great entries!

The Greatest Questions by Chiara at BMA

Is God Real?
Did he put us on this earth?
Are we his slaves in captivity?
Or his greatest pieces of work?
Are we serving him?
Is he serving us?
Or is he being served by his angels from above?
All those legends and their sayings,
Is it true that you and me?
Are the impressions of perfection?
How imperfect are we?
Does he really exist at all?
Was it all one big mistake?
Or are there many to whom we prey?
And to whose calling do we awake?
But must we really Prey at all?
There is no proof that they exist,
The choice lies within us all,
Or we could become an atheist.
Whatever path we chose,
We live in harmony and peace,
And whether he exists at all,
It is a mystery indeed.

Whenever I think of religion, I ask myself if it is real, or if it is just make believe? People who follow different faiths have different ideas on different things. For example, how the earth and life was created. Some say God created it, others say it was the ‘big bang’ which created life and earth itself. I used the couplet “Are we his slaves in captivity? Or his greatest pieces of work?” because it reflects the idea of humans being God’s puppets. This is one of the ‘problems of evil,’ which is an argument that gives reasons for why people do not believe in god. ‘If God was to be all-loving, all-caring and all-knowing, why is there evil in the world?’ In this instance, if God was all all-loving, he was want to stop our suffering, and yet we suffer. One of the counter arguments is the Freewill Defence, which states that God gives us freewill to do and live as we choose. The second stanza is about doing your duty, but unaware of who you are doing your duty to. Does God have a duty to serve humanity, like how Jesus did so on the cross, taking away mankind’s sins, or do we have a duty to serve God? Some people believe that they do, like the thousands of martyrs who gave their lives for their beliefs. In stanza 4, the idea of polytheism, meaning more than 1 god, was introduced. I thought this would be important because many religions believe in multiple gods and goddesses, rather than only one.

Chiara from BMA has written this amazing poem in response to the NATRE theme; Where is God? Which touches on several philosophical questions about the existence of God in a poem with great rhyme and rhythm!

Holly from BMA created this vibrant sketch showing us that love for this planet is shared by all; regardless of your faith or native land.

World Love

This piece of art work is trying to convey that, whatever your spiritual belief, the world around us is to be loved and protected. The world in the shape of a heart symbolises the love that people have for their environment and that all people should able to live, side by side in this beautiful world. The hands holding the world show that the world should be a safe place for all people and animals, regardless of their beliefs, to live freely. If you look closely at the work you will see that the hands look like they are showing the world to someone, this is to try and show that the world is being shared with the person looking at the picture.