Change Makers

Which people have used religion and morals to change the world forever?

Why do we remember Oscar Romero?

This week we will look at why Oscar Romero is remembered for the impact he had to the lives of the most disadvantaged in his home country of El Salvador and what we can learn from the risks he took.

Recap Questions to start…

Which documents protect our human rights in the UK?

The Human Rights Act 1998 and the Declaration of Human Rights

What are three examples for things that are protected human rights?

Education, shelter, food, private life, fair trail ect.

What term means fighting for what is just and fair?

Social Justice

Which Muslim figure has fought for the right for all to receive an education because in the Quran it says ‘seek knowledge’?

Malala Yousafzai

Which Christian figure fought to end segregation in America because in the Bible it said we are all ‘made in the image of God’?

Martin Luther King Jr

  • What: to revise the work and impact of Oscar Romero
  • Why: to investigate how and why Oscar Romero worked for change
  • Somewhere to record your work

Liberation Theology?

Oscar Romero is an example of someone who believed in ‘Liberation Theology’. Heard of this before and know what it means?

Don’t know? Don’t worry!

Liberation theology is a religious movement which is about applying a person’s religious faith and belief to help and support others, particulary those who are poor. It is based on the teachigns and actions of Jesus.

During Jesus’ life he helped many people who were living in unfair condictions. Christians believe that God has the power to change things in the world which are unjust. Many Christians have taken part in peaceful protests or campaigns to stand up to oppression.

BBC Bitesize,

Your task is to summerise this definition in your own words (or even images).

Summerising is a useful skill as it makes it easier for you to remember definitions and make sure you understand them fully, and are great technique to use when making revision cards. Here’s a few do’s and dont’s on summerising that work on anything from definitions to longer texts.

– use your own words.
– only note the most important points, using key words and phrases.
– read the original text multiple times, ensuring you don’t miss any critical points.
– ensure a summary is much shorter than the original source.
– include unnecessary details, examples or supporting information.
– include your own opinions or thoughts.
– repeat phrases word for word

What did Oscar Romero do?

Oscar Romero had an interesting life and did some a amzing things. Use the link below to download a timeline of key events from his life.

You task is to identify 3 events from his life that had the biggest impact on other people, this could be ways in which he helped people or things that happened that made people feel strongly.

After you have identified 3 things you need to write a brief paragraph explaining why you have chosen it.

Each paragraph should include:

  • a summeray of what he did/what happened to him
  • how what happened impacted other people
  • an explaination of why this is important

Here is an example of what a finished paragraph might look like – notice that it is brief, only 2 sentences:

I think that the event that happened in 1974 where Oscar Romero comforted people who had their family member killed by the army in Tres Calles. This impacted other people a lot because he chose to help people when they had suffered the greatest loss and is important because it showed other people how caring he was.

How was Oscar Romero influenced by the teachings of Jesus?

As you now know, Oscar Romero believed in Liberation Theology so therefore followed the teachings of Jesus. One of the stories Jesus told his followers was the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Heard this story before? If you need a recap watch the video below.

Once you’ve had a watch answer the questions below.

  1. What do you think God thinks about poor people?
  2. How does God treat the poor in this story?
  3. If Oscar Romero read this story, why do you think he would also decide to help the poor?
  4. Is what happens in this story fair? Why?

Practice Question

Put the knowldge you’ve gained this lesson to the test and have a go at completing a practice question. Everything you need to get full marks will be in this lesson but you can also draw on any relevent previous learnign you have done too.

Describe, using examples, liberation theology. (5 marks)

This is a 5 mark question so you should try include 5 points. Try to start with firstly, secondly, thridly, ect to help you keep count.

They can be any 5 points that relate to the question including definitions, teachings or stories, who people are and what they did (basically all your work from this lesson)

Once you have had ago yourself have a look at this example answer. Is there anything you think you could now add?

Firstly, liberation theology is when people use religious teachings to help other people. Secondly, people who believe in liberation theology believe that God has the power to help injustice if they follow Jesus’ teachings. Thirdly, an example of someone who practiced liberation theology is Oscar Romero who asked the army to stop killing people in El Salvador ‘in the name of God’. Fourthly, he helped people by comforting people who’d lost loved ones, continuing to hold sermons and providing food for the poor. Finally, he was inspired by the stories Jesus told, such as the Rich man and Lazarus where God helped poor people get into heaven.

Here if you need it..

Here’s a few useful links if you need a bit more help or want to research today’s topic a bit more: