Change Makers, #5 Mahatma Gandhi Part 1

What did he do?

Who is Mahatma Gandhi?

This week we will look at Mahatma Gandhi. You may remember him from when we have looked at the work of Martin Luther King, as a lot of the civil rights movement was inspired by the work of Gandhi.

Recap Questions to start…

What is the name of the last changemaker who works to give animals the same rights as humans?

Peter Singer

What religion are they a part of?

He is not religious

What word describes someone who doesn’t know if a God exists or not?


What does someone who says they are a vegan not eat?

Animal products

What word describes belief that some animals’ lives and experiences are inferior to those of humans or other animals simply because they are members of a different species?


  • What: investigate the work of Mahatma Gandhi
  • Why: to understand the beliefs behind his work

What did he do?

This week and next we are going to look at the life of Gandhi and the impact that his work had.

This week will focus on what happened during his life time by watching a documentary made about his life and writing notes that you can use to help you complete your work next week.

Your task is to watch this documentary below while answering the questions in the word document that you can download below.


This week we’ll finish by putting your knowledge to the test.

Your task is to go to the website linked below and test yourself using the TRUE/FALSE statements. How many can you get right?

Seneca Task

Now we’re going to add one more task the blog each week, this should help you to prepare for when we are back in school and get you used to using different revision tools.

The task you need to complete this week is in Religious Studies A: Eduqas GCSE and you should complete all the 4.1 tasks on key beliefs in Christianity.

If you aren’t sure what the class code you need to use make sure to contact your teacher via email.

Here if you need it..

Here’s a few useful links if you need a bit more help or want to research today’s topic a bit more: