Year 7 Religious Studies and World Views: SIKHISM 1. Guru Nanak

New Learning Unit: Sikh Gurus
Target time: 60 minutes

This term we will be looking at the religion of Sikhism! (You have learnt about Sikhism through the Gold and Injured Foot story last term!)
Through this module we will look at Sikh; rituals, beliefs, festivals and important people!
We will also look at how Sikhs make a positive impact on our community!

Today’s learning: Guru Nanak

Is he a good leader? Why is he important to Sikhism?


I can: outline Guru Nanak’s story and begin to understand the core beliefs of Sikhism
So that:
I can evaluate Nanak as a leader for Sikhs


Blank paper/ pen or pencils/ colours if you want them OR set up a word document or powerpoint if you want to work on a computer

1. Before we get into Sikhism, let’s do a quick recap!

In short answers, answer the questions below before checking your answers and giving yourself a score out of 5!

  1. What is a prophet?
  2. What would you call one of Jesus’ followers?
  3. When escaping assassins, what things protected Prophet Muhammad in the cave?
  4. In the story of the Sheep and Goats, why exactly did Jesus invite the ‘sheep’ into heaven?
  5. Why would someone try to be a good person if they believed in Karma and Reincarnation?
  1. A prophet is someone who is a messenger for God.

2. Jesus’ followers are called his Disciples.

3. A bird, it’s nest and a spiders web protected Muhammad’s cave.

4. Jesus invites the ‘sheep’ into heaven because they spent their lives helping those who were less fortunate than themselves.

5. People who believe in Karma and Reincarnation will try to be good because they believe their actions will effect how good their next life will be!

2. Sikhism time! Let’s have a look at some of the Key Concepts we will need this term!

Look through the definitions below, do you know any of them already?

TASK: Take a minute to memorise the terms as much as you can (you will be tested at the end!)

3. Guru Nanak! Who is he?

Read through the key facts below. As you do, THINK about how they might make him important to Sikhs

  • Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was one of the greatest religious innovators of all time and the founder of the Sikh religion.
  • Nanak’s religious ideas draw a lot from both Hinduism and Islam!
  • Nanak was an original spiritual thinker and expressed his thoughts in extraordinary poetry – this poetry forms the basis of Sikh holy writing!
  • Sikhs believe that many incredible events during his birth and early years show that God had marked him out for something special and was keeping an eye on him!

4. Was he a good leader? What makes a “good leader” anyway?

TASK 3: Create a mind map with A great leader… in the middle. Around your map, write down;

  • What characteristics a really good leader might have?
  • What sort of things does a great leader do?

CHALLENGE: Can you link to an example of a leader you know to show this?

Have a look at my example (you will need atleast 6 arms on yours!)

5. Now let’s look at the life of Guru Nanak and what makes him a good leader!

  1. Watch the story of Guru Nanak on YouTube (
  2. Answer the questions below…
  1. What religion was Guru Nanak raised as?
  2. What 2 religions were in conflict during the life of Guru Nanak?
  3. What is the name given to people such as the mother and baby Guru Nanak approaches when a child?
  4. How many days did Nanak disappear into the river for?
  5. Whose path does Nanak decide to follow when back from the river?
  6. Guru Nanak’s mother explains ‘we are all children of the same father, man or women, rich or poor, ………………………… or ………………………..
  7. What do you feel the quote above is trying to tell people about how they should treat people and why? (full sentences)
  8. CHALLENGE QUESTION: What characteristics of a ‘good leader’ does Nanak have? Is there anything else he could do to become a better leader? (2+ short paragraph answer)
  1. Guru Nanak was raised as a Hindu
  2. Islam and Hinduism were in conflict while Nanak was growing up.
  3. The Untouchables (we were learn about these later!)
  4. Nanak disappeared in the river for three days
  5. Instead of following Hinduism or Islam, Naka choses to follow ‘God’s path’
  6. Guru Nanak’s mother explains ‘we are all children of the same father, man or women, rich or poor, Hindu or Muslim’
  7. You could say; I think the quote is trying to tell us that we should treat everyone fairly and equally, because we are all created by the same God.

5. FINAL TASK! You’ve done it!

Plenary: Well done for completing the first lesson of the topic! Before you go, test yourself on the key terms of the topic by writing down as many as you can remember from the descriptions below before scrolling back up to check your answers!