Christian Practices: Sacraments 2

What is a sacrament?

Sacraments are actions that Christians undertake to show their faith. The seven sacraments are followed by Roman Catholics. Most denominations follow at least two sacraments: baptism and Eucharist. Today we will focus on a particular type of baptism – Infant baptism.

Recap Questions

How many sacraments are there in total?


Finish the following definition of a sacrament: ‘a visible sign of…

…an invisible grace’.

Which term for the nature of God means all-loving?


Which denomination observes all of the sacraments?

Roman Catholics

According to the Genesis story what did God create on day six?


  • To recall the meaning of sacraments
  • To explain key features of infant baptism
  • To consider the importance and impacts of these practices
  • Method to record learning – word document or pen and paper
  • Keep a log of work and send a copy to your teacher via e-mail if possible, if not hold on to until you see your teacher in person.
  • Should take 30-60 mins.


Task 1
Sacrament – ‘visible sigh of an invisible grace’. This means that the actions, words and objects involved in each sacrament are a sign that Christians are receiving God’s grace or blessing.​ Sacraments are most commonly thought of as a Catholic idea but other denominations follow some.

Revise your understanding of this by watching the following video again.

Task 2
Infant baptism has been a symbolic way of joining the Church from the very start of Christianity. Water is used in baptism, and is a symbol of washing away sin and the start of a new life.
Many denominations baptise infants. Although ceremonies are similar, there are some important differences between them.

Watch the following and note questions you would want to ask as a result of what you have seen. (Aim for at least three)

Task 3

Using the link below to the textbook go to page 200 to check your video work. Then list the key features of an infant baptism.
Extension: How might this impact the day to day lives of people?


Infant baptism is a fundamental sacrament followed by most denominations. The visible act is believed to be of God’s invisible grace. The actions in the ceremony connect to the washing away of sin and new beginning. The white clothing represents purity, the availability of religious guidance in Godparents and the process recognises the welcoming of someone into the Christian faith.

What next – Going deeper… Getting creative

Fancy doing something a bit different? Why not make a diorama of a baptism? A scene of what happens and the people present. There are some samples of dioramas on different subjects below.

Extras: Test yourself – use the following exam board supported website – Seneca, to assess your understanding on this topic.

Exam Question

Explain why sacraments are important to Christian practice. 8 marks (C type question)
REMEMBER: One possible exam technique – PEA x2
P – make a point.
E – explain idea with supportive evidence – quote, key vocabulary.
A – apply idea – how does belief affect an individual, group or community?
Must include accurate and relevant reference to scripture or sacred writing.