Christian Practices: Pilgrimage 2

What is the importance of pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage is a journey with a sacred or special meaning, it is usually an act of religious devotion. Anyone can undergo a pilgrimage. For this course you need to investigate and understand the importance of pilgrimage and be able to describe and explain two Christian sites of pilgrimage: Walsingham and Taizé. This session will focus on Taizé.

Recap Questions

What does Eucharist commemorate?

The Last Supper

What are the two types of baptism?

Infant and Believers

Finish the following definition of a sacrament: ‘a visible sign of…

…an invisible grace’.

Where is Walsingham?

Norfolk, England

What do some Christians believe water is washing away during an infant baptism?

Original sin

  • To understand the meaning of pilgrimage
  • To describe the pilgrimage site of Taizé
  • To explain Taizé’s importance to Christians
  • Method to record learning – word document or pen and paper
  • Keep a log of work and send a copy to your teacher via e-mail if possible, if not hold on to until you see your teacher in person. (It should take 30-60 mins).


Task 1
Read and make notes on the pilgrimage site Taizé (focus on the description (facts) and explanation (why it is a site of pilgrimage):

Taizé is a small village in Burgundy, France that is home to an ecumenical (represents a number of different denominations) community of monks – Catholic and Protestant from around the world. The site is devoted to the idea of peace through meditation, silence and prayer. Ecumenism is a key feature of Taizé and it attracts people from many different cultures and traditions.
Brother Roger, who founded the community, died in 2005 at the age of 90 after being stabbed during a prayer service. However, his mission lives on and Taizé continues to be one of the world’s most important sites of Christian pilgrimage, with tens of thousands of young pilgrims visiting every year.
At Taizé, young people:
* are encouraged to live out the Christian Gospel in a spirit of joy, simplicity and reconcilliation
* experience Taizé’s unique meditative music and chants as part of candlelit worship
* gather with the monks for prayer, three times a day
(Source: BBC Bitesize)

Task 2
Watch the following then add to your notes on the french pilgrimage site of Taizé.

Task 3

Why is it important?

Using the link below to the textbook page 207 complete tasks comparing two sites of pilgrimage.


Taizé is a french site of pilgrimage. The site represents the ecumenical gathering of faith and is particularly popular with young believers. There are many different reasons for pilgrimage and to visit this particular site. It is also seen as a site of unification for all denominations and provides the second site of pilgrimage you need to be able to discuss for this GCSE.

Extras: Test yourself – use the following exam board supported website – Seneca, to assess your understanding on this topic.

Exam Question

Describe a Christian pilgrimage. 5 marks (B type question)
REMEMBER: One possible exam technique – list of five
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding by describing a belief, teaching, practice, event etc.​
​Five distinct ideas put into a paragraph.

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