Christian Practices: Festivals 2

How do Christians celebrate Easter?

There are many festivals in the Christian calendar. The main two are Easter and Christmas which we will consider, today’s focus is Easter. For this course you need to able to describe and explain the festival as well as detail the specific practices that Christians undertake at these times.

Recap Questions

How is Christmas celebrated?

Observing Advent, Nativity plays, exchanging gifts, spending time with family and friends.

What are the two types of baptism?

Infant and Believers

What are two Christian sites of pilgrimage?

Walsingham and Taize

Where is Walsingham?

Norfolk, England

What does the term pilgrimage mean?

A journey with a sacred or special meaning, it is usually an act of religious devotion.

  • To recall the reason for Easter
  • To describe the preparatory days that lead up to Easter
  • To explain the practices taken by Christians at Easter
  • Method to record learning – word document or pen and paper
  • Keep a log of work and send a copy to your teacher via e-mail if possible, if not hold on to until you see your teacher in person. (It should take 30-60 mins).


Task 1
Bullet point what you can remember about Easter, when, why, who etc.
Watch the following video: it reviews learning about Easter from earlier years at school.

Now in a different colour add anything you missed or new you have learned from the video.

Task 2
Create your own infographic (image with information) to represent Lent and Holy Week – the preparatory practices to Easter Sunday.

This should include: Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.
There are a series of examples below:

Task 3

How is Easter celebrated?

Using the link below, page 204 and the following link:

Answer the following:
What is the significance of Easter?
What does it involve?
How it it celebrated?


Easter is arguably the most important Christian festival. It is celebrated in Spring every year and has a multitude of preparatory days. It commemorates the death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus. Christian’s celebrate with a special service in memory of Jesus but also a renewed focus on the forgiveness of sin and a fresh start/approach to life. It marks the reconciliation of man with God – as Jesus’s life was given for the forgiveness of sin. The ultimate act of love.

Extras: Test yourself – use the following exam board supported website – Seneca, to assess your understanding on this topic.

Exam Question

Describe a Christian festival. 5 marks (B type question)
REMEMBER: One possible exam technique – list of five
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding by describing a belief, teaching, practice, event etc.​
​Five distinct ideas put into a paragraph.