Story Master 3: Thinking Around the Themes of The Spider and the Cave

This week, we move onto a new story and a new faith! The Spider and the Cave tells the story of how Prophet Muhammad (the founder of the religion of Islam) escaped an assassination from the rich families who had power over his home city of Mecca.

This story is very important to Muslims as it shows the great power of Allah (God) over nature and the freeing of the Muslim people from persecution (being mistreated because of their beliefs)

If you would like to understand the religion of Islam a bit more before you start today’s lesson, click here to watch a brief, cartoon summary of how Islam began.

Recap questions to start…

In the story of the Widow’s mite, what does the word ‘mite’ mean?

Mite means a very small amount of money. In this case it is two tiny Greek coins that are worth very little!

In the same story, why did 2 coins mean more than the large donations from the rich?

The money the Widow donated meant more to Jesus because it represented a bigger percentage of what she had. Therefore, it is a greater sacrifice for God because it impacts her life more!

What does the Parable of the Sheep and Goats teach us to do more of?

Help people who are in need.

What is a ‘disciple’?

A follower Jesus.

In the religion of Islam, Muhammad is the first and most important prophet is Islam, What is a prophet?

Someone who speaks and acts for God on earth.

At the time the prophet was alive, people used to worship statues that represented different God’s. What would you call an object that is used in this way?

An Idol.

What do you call followers of Islam?


What is the name of the main holy book is Islam?

The Quran is the main religious text for Muslims (like the Bible for Christians!)

  • I can examine the story to determine Islamic beliefs about God and the life of the Prophet
  • I can evaluate how important the text is to Muslims today
  • The Story Task Sheet and Ladder Booklet
  • Something to write with – this could be a Word document or Pens/Pencil/Paper
  • Your amazing brain


Idols – objects that set up to to be worshipped like God’s.

Assassins – people who are sent to kill someone

  • Scimitars – a curved sword used at this time in the Middle East.

Prophet – a human messenger of God

Now back to today’s story! Step 1: Let’s start by reading the story text…

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Step 2: Now let’s watch a video to support our understanding…

Step 3: Now let’s use our knowledge of the story AND the Thinking Ladder Booklet to complete the Spider and the Cave Task Sheet

  • Click on the links above to find the documents you need
  • REMEMBER: You need to complete ALL of the ‘MUST DO’ questions and ONE of the ladder activities (as high up the ladder as you can!)
  • If you need any more help using the task sheet or booklet, click here to find the topic introduction blog with step-by-step instructions and a How-To video!

Step 4: THE BIG THINK Time…

There are more stories in the Quran that follow the actions of animals. What might this story tell us about the relationship between nature and Allah? With that in mind, how might this impact how Muslims see and treat animals?

Finally! Step 5: Checking Understanding

Why did the Prophet Muhammad have so many enemies?

He taught the people of Mecca to worship only ONE God, but they had been worshipping idols for many years and made a lot of money selling them. Powerful families didn’t want this to change so decided to go after the Prophet.

Where were the friends travelling from and to in this story?

From Mecca to Medina

What was Ali’s role in protecting the travellers?

Ali was going to be a decoy. He would put on Muhammad’s cloak, climb into his bed and to pretend to be him sleeping while Muhammad & Abu Bakr escaped.

On the dry & dusty journey through the mountains, why was Abu Bakr angry and afraid?

He was scared of them being caught and angry that God’s messenger had to hide like this.

Bakr was worried as there were only two of them on this journey, but Muhammad said there were three of them. What do you think the prophet meant?

That there was Abu Bakr, Muhammad and also Allah (God) with them too.

Muhammad’s enemies had fund the cave they were hiding in. But why did they not go in?

The entrance to the cave was covered in so many spider’s webs and a bird’s nest that it looked as though no-one had been in the cave for many years. So they left.

How do you think Muhammad felt after he heard his enemies?

He probably felt a deep trust in God, felt relieved and protected.

Last Week’s Heroes

A brilliant example from Taslim at City Academy, where he has turned the moral of the story against the rich in our society. We should all aim to sacrifice as much as the Widow, even if that ends up being millions of dollars!

To top up your knowledge about how Islam began, watch this video…