Topic Introduction

This week’s story; The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats – A parable that Jesus shared with his disciples

This term you will be expected to carry out some independent learning. This includes reading and watching a story, answering questions and picking tasks to show what you know or deepen your thinking.

Every week, you will find a Story Document and a Thinking Ladder Booklet (this one doesn’t change) in your Home Learning folder. Here is what you will need to do each week;

  1. Open the Story Document
  2. Answer the starter questions at the top of the sheet
  3. Read the story on the next page and (if you can) watch the video link
  4. Open the Thinking Ladder Booklet
  5. Answer the MUST DO short questions on each step of the learning ladder (11 in total)
  6. Select and complete at least one deepening task from the booklet (these are below each set of MUST DO questions)
  7. Answer the knowledge check questions at the bottom of the Story Document

The Thinking Ladder: The tasks start off easy at the bottom of the ladder, but increase with difficulty as you get nearer the top.

  • Year 7 should be aiming for Application to be ON TRACK.
  • Year 8 should be aiming for Evaluation to be ON TRACK.
  • The Creation tasks are something you can all do to revise and show off your learning.

Finally, make sure you email your work to your subject teacher each week! You can either type up your work or scan/photograph your written work. You should clearly title your work with the lesson name and the date you completed it. (The best work will be celebrated on this blog!)