Christian Practices: The Worldwide Church 1

What is the position of the worldwide Church?

Hello all, in this segment of Christian Practices we will consider the worldwide Church. We will consider: the importance of mission, evangelism and church growth. The work of Tearfund – an example of Christian beliefs in action. Persecution of Christians past and present and finally how the church works for reconciliation.

Recap Questions

Who said the ‘UK is a Christian country’ in 2014?

Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron

What are the two types of baptism?

Infant and Believers

What are two Christian sites of pilgrimage?

Walsingham and Taize

What data is used to assess the faith of the UK?


What do some point to as evidence that the UK is a Christian country?

Traditions, UK laws, festivals observed by many e.g. Christmas and support of the local community e.g. use of church halls.

  • To investigate the position of Christianity in the world.
  • To understand new terminology.
  • To examine a case study: Tearfund
  • Method to record learning – word document or pen and paper
  • Keep a log of work and send a copy to your teacher via e-mail if possible, if not hold on to until you see your teacher in person. (It should take 30-60 mins).
  • Additionally you can mail work to:


Task 1
This section of Christian Practices contains words you may not have come across before. Read about the following keywords and note down your own definition of each. The one in bold is a key concept of this unit e.g. is a word you could be asked to define in a 2 mark exam question – you have to use.

* mission: In the Christian context this means a calling, vocation to spread the word God. To inform, convert and recruit people to the faith. It can occur in your own country or abroad.
* evangelism: This is the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness. It is often undertaken in a very passionate and public manner. It is the advocacy and, or support of the Christian faith.
* church growth: The increase in number and spread of the Christian faith both locally, nationally and abroad.

Task 2
Mission was once explained to me like having some good news you wanted to share – you could not wait to tell someone so you text, message or call etc. This is how people who feel called to mission feel but the ‘good news’ is the word of God and the message of Christianity.

Read and watch the following sources then write a paragraph explaining what mission is and why it is important.

According to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus told his disciples that they should spread his message throughout the world and should try to convert people to Christianity.
Missionaries spread the Christian message abroad, not necessarily only through preaching, but through their actions too – for example, helping with development projects. This is how Christianity as it is known today has spread across the globe.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Matthew 28:19

Christianity has been the largest world faith in Europe for a long time, so today its spread in Europe is slow. However, there is rapid growth in South America and Africa, where missionaries have spent time working for social justice and setting up churches.
BBC Bitesize

Task 3

Just like in Geography GCSE, there are certain case studies you need to know for this GCSE. In this case it is the work of Tearfund. Using the following title and subtitles create a factfile on this charity.
Tearfund: Christian beliefs in action
What is it?
How did it start?
Why is it important to the Christian faith?
Examples of faith in action:

Eduqas textbook (link below) page 214


When considering the worldwide Church, the importance of mission and evangelism is paramount for church growth. The work of Tearfund – is an example of Christian practices – beliefs in action.

Extras: Test yourself – use the following exam board supported website – Seneca, to assess your understanding on this topic.

Exam Question

The UK is a Christian country.’
Discuss this statement showing that you have considered more than one point of view. (You must refer to religion and belief in your answer.) [15]
REMEMBER: One possible exam technique – Frame
Many………(Christians/Buddhists/people) would agree with this because………(link
with religion and belief

Furthermore, they might also say that……….(expanded or different viewpoint – link
with sources of authority

These arguments are valid/weak/strong/make sense because………(formulating

On the other hand/however/additionally…. (alternative or opposing views)
some…………might disagree because…………(link with religion and belief)

In addition they could argue that……(expanded or different view – link with sources
of authority and show the effects of belief on practice

These arguments are valid/weak/strong/make sense because………(formulating

Conclusion (but not obligatory) with own opinion given (but not obligatory). If own
opinion given, use it as another opportunity to link with religion and belief e.g. ‘Like
many Christians/Buddhists/Atheists, I would argue that………because……..’