Christian Practices: Christianity in Britain 2

What is the position of Christianity in Britain today?

In this second session, we will consider the role of the Church in the local community.  How it permeates British culture and co-exists in the UK with a multitude of other faiths.  

Recap Questions

Who said the ‘UK is a Christian country’ in 2014?

Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron

What are the two types of baptism?

Infant and Believers

What are two Christian sites of pilgrimage?

Walsingham and Taize

What data is used to assess the faith of the UK?


What does the term pilgrimage mean?

A journey with a sacred or special meaning, it is usually an act of religious devotion.

  • To investigate the position of Christianity in Britain
  • To explain how faith affects local community.
  • To evaluate the role of Christianity in a community.
  • Method to record learning – word document or pen and paper
  • Keep a log of work and send a copy to your teacher via e-mail if possible, if not hold on to until you see your teacher in person. (It should take 30-60 mins).
  • Additionally you can mail work to:


Task 1
Review previous session learning using page 208 of the textbook (link below) and complete the tasks written on page 209. 

Task 2
Watch the following video.

Explain how faith is affecting a local community.  

Task 3

Create a dual-coded map (pictures and words) or poster on the role of Christianity using the following headings: 
* Traditions 
* UK laws 
* Festivals 
* Local community 

Textbook (link below pages 209-211) and the following link: 


The position of Christianity in the UK is very much open to interpretation. Whilst the country’s history and timetable undoubtedly has origins in this faith, the expansion of the world, acceptance of over faith practices and assimilation of certain traditions into secular lifestyle all play a part in the position of the Christian faith today.

Extras: Test yourself – use the following exam board supported website – Seneca, to assess your understanding on this topic.

Exam Question

The UK is a Christian country.’
Discuss this statement showing that you have considered more than one point of view. (You must refer to religion and belief in your answer.) [15]
REMEMBER: One possible exam technique – Frame
Many………(Christians/Buddhists/people) would agree with this because………(link
with religion and belief

Furthermore, they might also say that……….(expanded or different viewpoint – link
with sources of authority

These arguments are valid/weak/strong/make sense because………(formulating

On the other hand/however/additionally…. (alternative or opposing views)
some…………might disagree because…………(link with religion and belief)

In addition they could argue that……(expanded or different view – link with sources
of authority and show the effects of belief on practice

These arguments are valid/weak/strong/make sense because………(formulating

Conclusion (but not obligatory) with own opinion given (but not obligatory). If own
opinion given, use it as another opportunity to link with religion and belief e.g. ‘Like
many Christians/Buddhists/Atheists, I would argue that………because……..’