Learning to Read : Mr Marvel and the Washing, Level 5

Hi everyone, my name is Mrs Symons and I am a reading Recovery Teacher who leads Reading across the Cabot Learning Federation. These sessions are perfect for children who are learning to read, working their way up through the colour book bands at school. I will post a new session every day and each week we will move up to the next book level.

The reading lesson in the video below is based on a red level 5 book, when listening to a child read at this level, it is useful to note the following:

  • Stories may still be memorised by a child, but it is  important that their attention stays on the text as well as the picture
  • Look through the book  together first, making sure they know the names of things in the pictures and know what is happening in the story

Help them to do the following more and more by themselves :

· Find and say the title of the book

· Always point to a word for every one read, on a range of texts including lists, signs and labels

· Know that what they read sounds right  (Does it make sense ? Can we say it like that ? )

· Predict what might come next, using repeating phrases and pictures

· Cross-check their first guesses using letters\sounds

Here is today’s reading lesson with a re-cap of ‘Bedtime’ from yesterday and our new book, Mr Marvel and the Washing