Learning to Read: Mamba and the Crocodile Bird, level 14

Hi, my name is Mrs Symons, I am a Reading Recovery teacher and I lead Reading across the Cabot Learning Federation. These sessions are perfect for children who are learning to read, working their way up through the colour book bands at school. I will post a new session every day and each week we will move up to the next book level.

The reading lesson in the video below is based on a green level 13 book, when listening to a child read at this level, it is useful to note the following:

  • Books are getting longer so try to read only about 100 words a session, or at a good break in the story ( you could share the read or come back to it the next day)

Help them to do the  following more and more by themselves :

· Keep up a good pace, with expression

· Use the letter sounds, general meaning and how we speak (grammar), to cross-check tricky bits

· Cope with several lines of text on a page without getting lost or giving up

· Talk about a character or what happens in the story, more fully

· Use a contents page in Non-Fiction books

The first session begins with level 4, we have now moved up to level 14!