Learning to Read: Go-Kart Surprise! Level 19

Hi, my name is Mrs Symons, I am a Reading Recovery teacher and I lead Reading across the Cabot Learning Federation. These sessions are perfect for children who are learning to read, working their way up through the colour book bands at school. I am currently posting up to three sessions per week.

The reading lesson in the video below is based on a purple level 19 book, when listening to a child read at this level, it is useful to note the following:

  • Descriptions are getting more detailed and storylines less   simple
  • After reading, you might ask why the writer used certain words instead of others, or how      different types of text use    different types of language

Help them to do the following more and more by themselves :

· Predict what the text will be about and in Fiction texts, what will happen

· Read silently or quietly

· Improve pace and rhythm (pausing \ changing volume and pitch)

· Read simple poetry aloud

· Use words like ‘then’, ‘after that’ and ‘in the end’ when explaining a story

The first session begins with level 4, we have now moved up to level 19!