Learning to Read: A Bad Day for Little Dinosaur, level 8

Hi, my name is Mrs Symons, I am a Reading Recovery teacher and I lead Reading across the Cabot Learning Federation. These sessions are perfect for children who are learning to read, working their way up through the colour book bands at school. I will post a new session every day and each week we will move up to the next book level.

The reading lesson in the video below is based on a yellow level 8 book, when listening to a child read at this level, it is useful to note the following:

  • Sometimes, talk about how your current book is the same \ different from the other books you have read together
  • Give them a bit more time to sort out tricky bits and sometimes ask them how they did it

Help them to do the  following more and more by themselves :

· Follow words with their eyes, using fingers only for tricky bits

· Notice full stops and begin to use them to read with     expression and rhythm

· Check that what they read makes sense ( “did that make sense ?”)

· Cross-check what they read with what sounds right (“do we say it like that ?”)

· Use words they know to get to new words e.g. look  →  took (“do you know a word like that ?”)

· Predict more often what will come next

Here is our reading session for today: