Inventions 8 – What was the greatest invention / object pre-1500? Final response

Last time you reviewed the significance of the following inventions and ranked them. Here is a reminder of my ranking and notes on my reasoning. Find your notes and re read them.

Paper making, China

Printing Press, Germany

Gunpowder, China

Talking drum, Africa

Craftsmanship through the Staffordshire Hoard

Write an extended answer to the question:
Which invention / object pre 1500 was the most the significant? Why?
You are aiming for a least one side of A4.


Think about your structure
1. The most significant invention – explain why it is the most important – what impact did have? 3 R’s.
2. Second most significant invention – why was significant? Challenge yourself why was it not as significant as the most important?
3. Then work down your order of inventions. Keep challenging yourself to compare each invention to the most significant invention – why were they not as significant?
4 Conclusion

Click below for an example paragraph

This is an extract from my second paragraph

The second most significant invention pre 1500 was the printing press. It was significant because it resulted in significant change in the way ideas were shared and books made. Before the invention of the printing press everything was hand written. This took a long time and was only done by scribes who often worked in monasteries. This meant worked produced had to fit in with the teachings of the Church. The invention of the printing press changed this, allowing anyone to share written ideas. This was a remarkable change and is still remembered. The printing press also made tit quicker to share information. Modern day printing has advanced even further. The printing press is not as significant as paper because paper had a greater impact on everyday life. For example, the invention of paper in China led to money, the creation of maps, increased scholarship and later toilet paper. Without paper there would not have been the printing press.

You need to communicate your opinion clearly and support it with accurate evidence.
To attain this use PEEL paragraphs:

Use key terminology in your answer

For each invention you have made a decision on its individual significance using the three R’s.

Remarkable: at the time or since
Worthy of attention, amazing

Resulted in change: had consequences for the future
It led to other things happening

Remembered: It was important to a group of people
People have not forgotten it

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Well done you have finished learning about inventions and objects pre 1500

What to learn more?

Explore other inventions pre 1500. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • China: mechanical clock, porcelain, paper money. 
  • Europe: Italy – eyeglasses, public library, French – castles. 
  • Africa: smelting iron / metal tools, natural medicines. 
  • Britain: armoury.