Early Elizabethan England – Raleigh and Virginia: Part 1

Who was Walter Raleigh?

Walter Raleigh was nobleman, explorer and favourite of Elizabeth I.

Where is Virginia?

In North America

The section in red

How was Raleigh involved in the colonisation of Virginia?
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Colonisation: process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area.

Read the examination question and response below.
1. Identify the common mistake the student has made.
Remember: This is a four mark question. The student needs to identify two features and support them with accurate specific evidence.
2. Re read the incorrect section to ensure the student attains full marks.

Describe two features of Raleigh’s involvement in the colonisation of Virginia [4 marks]
One feature of Raleigh’s involvement in the colonisaiton of Virginia was that he actively led the exploration and settlement of the land. He was a good explorer who Elizabeth I trusted to successfully reach and acquire Virginia in North America. He left England with other settlers in 1585.

A second feature of Raleigh’s involvement was his role as investigator and fact finder about Virginia. He sent explorers first to find out about the native people and the land. They discovered the colony could provide cheap desirable items such as tobacco. He used their findings to persuade people to invest in the voyage and leave England and settle in Virginia.

Watch the following video and answer the follow questions

Answer the questions

  • State three economic benefits that led to investors supporting the voyage
  • How did Elizabeth I support the voyage?
  • What did Raleigh promise about Spanish ships?
  • True or false: Raleigh invested his own money
  • What skills did the leaders bring to the Virginia project?
  • Name two major problems Raleigh faced when organising the project
  • Give two reasons why colonisation of Virginia was significant.

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