Early Elizabethan England – Exploration – have you nailed it? Test yourself activities

Reasons for voyages

Question: Reasons and motives
Copy the table below. Your second row will need to be big enough to write in.
Match the reasons in pink boxes with the correct motive

Financial and military motives Spread ideas and influence motives Technical and education motives

Conflict with Spain

Improvements in ship design

Expanding trade

Development in standardised maps

Private investment

Establish new colonies

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Financial and military motives:
Conflict with Spain
Expanding trade
Private investment

Spread ideas and influence motives:
Establish new colonies

Technical and educational motives:
Development in standardised maps
Improvements in ship design

Lower classes:

Drake’s circumnavigation of the world

Question: Why did Drake circumnavigate the world?
Are the statements true or false?
*Drake’s main aim was not to sail around the world. His main purpose was raid Spanish colonies.
*Drake want to make peace with the Spanish in the America’s

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*Drake’s main aim was not to sail around the world. His main purpose was raid Spanish colonies – TRUE
*Drake want to make peace with the Spanish in the America’s – FALSE – He wanted revenge for their attack at St Juan.
*Profit – TRUE

Question: Point and description
Match the point to the correct description

1Drake circumnavigated the worldADrake’s actions in North America brought England into conflict with Spain as the Pope had awarded the area to Spain. Spain had already colonised many areas in the Americas including Mexico and Peru.
2Drake claimed Nova Albion as English landBEngland’s reputation as a sea faring nation increased
3Relations with Spain declinedCEncouraged further trade and exploration. especially in the New World.
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Raleigh and Virigina

Question: Recall and build a knowledge pyramid
Copy the pyramid on to a piece of A4 – you need to able to write in the boxes
Complete the pyramid following the instructions start at the bottom
* 5 reasons why Virginia was colonised
* 4 items taken on the voyage
* 3 reasons colonisation failed
* 2 dates of attempts to colonise Virginia
* 1 man appointed to organise and prepare the attempts

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1: Raleigh
2: 1585 / 1587
3: Lack of skills and leadership / lack of food and timing of departure / poor leadership
4: Food / fresh water / seeds / weapons
5: Trade / profit / base to attack Spain / Empire / luxury goods

There are other possible answers.

Well done you have completed today’s activities
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