Physical Activity… Get your daily dose at home during Lockdown Part 2

Continuing to be physically active during isolation can be extremely difficult. We are all having our movement restricted and staying inside all day with only an hour to get outside can be a real challenge. Not being active, makes us feel sluggish, increases our stress levels, reduces our ability to concentrate on work (or computer games) and, with the dreaded binge eating due to boredom, will increase our waistlines. It is there for vital you make the most of each opportunity you can to be physically active.

Being physically active is important because

– It relieves the effects of stress
– It increases your ability to concentrate
– Helps you stay calm
– Makes you feel good (once you’ve finished)
– Keeps your metabolic rate up (so you don’t feel so bad raiding the fridge)
– Relieves boredom

In order to help you get some activity at home, where equipment and space can be an issue, we have attached on the slides below a terms worth (6 Weeks) of Physical Activity Challenges that can be done daily (Monday to Friday) and only take 30 minutes to complete. They involve very little equipment, and the things you do need will be found in everyones house.

Each Activity os broken in to two parts; Part A is a skill or activity which you can try to improve. Part B is a fitness section which will work on different fitness components and won’t last and longer than 15 minutes.

Why not give them a go.