Asia 3

Lesson 3 – How does flooding impact Asia?

Watch the introduction video below with a welcome from Mr Littlejohns at HWA who will be leading these lessons

Introduction to flooding in southern Asia

In southern Asia (India, Bangladesh) the annual monsoon rains are very important for agriculture (farming). Some years the amount of rain can be significantly more than expected, this can lead to widespread flooding. The network of rivers in this area cross many countries, meaning often the impacts of flooding affect many countries.

Think back to your work in year 7 – what are some of the causes of flooding? You studied flooding in the UK, how might flooding be different in Asia?

What are the causes of flooding in South Asia?

Flooding in any part of the world is likely to be due to a combination of physical or human causes.
Physical Causes – These are naturally occurring causes such as heavy rain, rain over a long period, snow melt, steep slopes
Human Causes – Man made causes, such as deforestation, living in at risk areas, urbanisation

Task 1 – Study the image below showing a map of southern Asia with a range of causes of flooding. Sort the causes into human or physical causes?

Extension – Explain what the most important cause of flooding in this region is

Causes of flooding in southern Asia – (Progress in Geography, David Gardner)

Effects of flooding

As you can see in the diagram above the unique geography of this region means that regular flooding is likely. 2017 was one of the more recent years when significant flooding took place across the region. This lead to a range of impacts.

Impacts of any geographical event can be organised in to social, economic and environmental effects
Social – Social impacts are impacts on people
Economic – Economic impacts are to do with money
Environmental – Environmental impacts are to with land, animals and the wider area

Task 2 – Watch the following clips below, list a range of social, economic and environmental impacts that the floods created

Task 3 – Write a paragraph to summarise the impacts of the 2017 floods in Bangladesh and India.
Extension – Read this news article –
Can you add anything to your answer?

What are differences between flooding in a HIC vs LIC/NEE

Asia is mainly a developing region, from lesson 1 it is very diverse, there are many rich and poor people, however most people across India and Bangladesh with have less income compared to the UK. Developing regions of the world (LIC/NEE) struggle to cope with the impacts of natural hazards such as flooding.

Task 4 – Watch the clip below about flooding in the UK, list the similarities and differences between flooding in the UK and southern Asia.

Task 5 – Study the image below and answer the questions

  1. List the countries in southern Asia that were impacted by flooding
  2. In which country were most houses damaged?
  3. Which country had the highest death toll?
  4. What is the pattern seen between flooded areas and rivers?

Some activities and images used have been resourced from Progress in Geography Key Stage 3, David Gardner, Jo Coles, Eleanor Hopkins, John Lyon, Catherine Owen. Published by Hodder Education.