Changing Economic World 1

Introduction – Please watch the video to get started

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Task 1 – Look at the map below which shows the countries of the world by INCOME, ranked by the World Bank.

Copy and complete the sentences below

Most High Income Countries (dark blue) are found in… for example…
Most Low Income Countries (red) are found in… for example…
There are some countries that are called Middle Income Countries, these include countries such as Egypt and China. Some of these countries may be growing and developing, they might be called NEEs which stands for N… E… E…

Task 2 – What evidence is there that countries around the world are at different levels of development? Take a look at the pictures below, in your own words, describe the differences that you see. For example… “in some places houses are built with brick or stone, with glass windows and access to electricity, however…”

Task 3 – Watch the video below. Hans Rosling explains a brief history of the last 200 years, during which development of many countries has taken place. He shows how during this time, countries have grown in WEALTH and HEALTH.

Copy and complete the mind map below – using ideas from the video


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