Russia 6

Russia’s Economy

Welcome to Russia part 6! Please watch the introduction video for this week to get you started

Look carefully at the map below.

Then complete the tasks that are underneath

Use the map to answer these questions

Describe the distribution (how it is spread out) of Russia’s natural resources Coal is found across Russia, particularly in… Oil is found…
What are the main types of farming in Russia?
Where are the different types of farming found? (N,E,S,W etc)
Think back to your learning on the biomes in Russia. Compare the distribution of farming types with the biomes – what do you notice?

➤➤Look carefully at the table of oil production

Have a go at the questions

Draw a bar graph showing the information in the table on the left. This may be tricky – give it your best shot! Draw out your graph axes, then put countries along the horizontal/bottom axis, and numbers in millions of barrels per day up the vertical/side axis. Help here
Why is Russia’s status as the biggest oil producer important to its economy? Think about what Russia can do with the oil, and how this might be positive or negative for the country
China borders Russia. How might both of these countries being in the top 10 impact their relationship?
Are there any negatives for any of these countries being in the top 10 oil producers in the world?



– Gaps between bars
– A title
– Axes with accurate and evenly spaced number scales / names
– Axis titles

➤➤➤ Read the newspaper article extract below – then complete the questions

Think about what you have learnt about the physical geography of Russia so far – perhaps go back in your work and notes to re-read what you learnt, or revisit the other blogs.
Write a paragraph to explain why the size of Russia and its physical geography create problems for the growth of the economy

Ideas for extension activities – THESE ARE ALL OPTIONAL

❄ WRITE! Write freely about your thoughts on whether the geography of Russia helps or hinders the economy
❄ WATCH! The series “Russia with Simon Reeve” on BBC iPlayer

Some activities used have been resourced from Progress in Geography Key Stage 3, David Gardner, Jo Coles, Eleanor Hopkins, John Lyon, Catherine Owen. Published by Hodder Education.