Living World – 10 Sustainable management of Amazon rainforest

Watch the video below for a recap from this unit and a reminder what will be covered this week from Miss Smart at BMA who is leading these lessons

Sustainable management of rainforest

The most often quoted definition comes from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development: “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Task: using the definition of sustainability, have a go at writing a definition of ‘sustainable management of the rainforest’

Yachana Lodge

The Yachana Lodge is located in Quito, Ecuador and is an example of ecotourism. The Yachana Lodge is set in the Yachana Ecological Reserve which is 1,200 hectare (2,550 acre) of rainforest.

1. Using the photograph and information above, how do you think the Yachana Lodge is helping to:
a) introduce visitors to the natural world
b) benefit local communities
c) protect the environment/minimise the amount of damage to the rainforest
2. Watch the videos below and answer the questions: (this information will help you to complete the final task)

1. How is the Yachana Lodge helping people in Ecuador affected by the earthquake?
2. Is this sustainable?
3. How is the Yachana Lodge contributing to the education of local people?
4. What subjects can students study at the Yachana Foundation?
5. How does this help with the health and wealth of local families?
6. What is the mission of Global Vision International?


  1. Offering training to young men who were affected by the earthquake. They can study courses in masonry, carpentry and electrical work.
  2. They can take their learning back to their communities and gives them skills for the future
  3. Building schools which local people attend
  4. Ecotourism, animal husbandy, agriculture and micro-enterprise development.
  5. Provides water filters for clean drinking water to help stop diseases and seeds to plant to grow crops which can be sold
  6. They hope to get the Yachana Reserve protected as a National Reserve
Watch from 2:30 minutes

What are the different strategies for managing rainforests sustainably?

To protect the world’s rainforests they need to be managed sustainably. There are 7 strategies for managing the rainforest sustainably which you will be finding out about.

TASK: BBC ‘Debt for Nature’ Article. Read the article and then answer these questions. You can use some of the information to put into your table

Click to reveal the answers.
1.How much of Brazil’s debt did the USA write off?
2.When did it happen?
3. What were the causes of deforestation threatening these forests?
4. How will Brazil spend the money?
5. Challenge: do you think this type of scheme is as likely to happen now? Give reasons for your answer. You may want to research the current Brazilian President’s stance on deforestation.
  1. $21m (£13.5m)
  2. August 2010
  3. Cattle ranching and soya farming
  4. To support conservation and the livelihoods of people who live in the forests
  5. President Bolsanaro has called for more ranching and mining to take place in the Amazon rainforest, leading to high rates of deforestation. Therefore, it is unlikely that Brazil’s current government will want to use the money, from debts that have been wiped out, to protect the environment.

1. Read through the information about the different strategies for sustainably managing the rainforest.
2. Watch the 3 videos on some of the strategies: selective logging, international agreements and conservation.
3. Complete the table on sustainable uses of the rainforest.

You can use your information on the Yachana Lodge to complete the ‘Ecotourism’ and ‘Education’ sections.

Video about selective logging
Video about the Amazon Region Protected Areas Programme
Video about standards for sustainable forestry (international agreements)

‘Should tourists visit the Amazon?’
Have a go at this extended piece of writing, thinking about the pros and cons of tourism in the rainforest. You may want to research examples of tourism in the Amazon that is not as sustainable as ecotourism.

Some activities and images used have been resourced from GCSE Geography AQA -Simon Ross, Nicholas Rowles, David Holmes, Bob Digby. Published by Oxford.