Living World 3 – Ecosystems 3

●Watch the video below for a recap from this unit and a reminder what will be covered this week from Mr Littlejohns at HWA who is leading these lessons

Nutrient Cycle

The nutrient is extremely important within all ecosystems. It allows for the transfer of nutrients between dead organisms back into the soil which are then taken up by living plants, the cycle then repeats.

Look at the image below, follow the cycle, consider what processes are taking place at each stage to allow nutrients to transfer

The nutrient cycle
Worms are an example of decomposers


Decomposers are of critical importance with the nutrient cycle. They are an organism such as a bacteria or fungus, that breaks down dead tissue, which is then recycled to the environment

Watch from 50 seconds onward

Task – Exam Question
Explain why the diagram shown in figure 9 is an example of nature’s recycling system (6 marks)

Attempt the exam question:
Consider your structure, the use of key words and full explanations of the processes, especially – plant uptake, littering (leaves leaving the biomass and being added to the leaf litter), and decomposition.

Some hints on what to include in your answer are listed below. Attempt it first, check the notes and then improve your answer.

•Focus must be on the nutrient cycle as an example of recycling.
•Decomposers are responsible for the breakdown of organic material such as leaves, twigs and dead animals. •Decomposers include bacteria and fungi and are vital in recycling nutrients.
•They convert dead matter into a form that can be re-used and chemicals /nutrients can be absorbed by the vegetation.
•At the higher levels expect students to show a greater understanding of the nutrient cycle as an example of recycling through an appreciation of links between elements.
•Use of biological terminology may be an indication of higher levels but is not a pre-requisite for higher levels.

Ecosystems – Recap

Over the last 3 blogs you have studied a range of ideas:
Consider how you could consolidate your learning – a mind map of the key ideas, revision cards of key words and processes
Attempt the unit on Seneca Learning 2.1 –
Access the information from BBC Bitesize

Some activities and images used have been resourced from GCSE Geography AQA -Simon Ross, Nicholas Rowles, David Holmes, Bob Digby. Published by Oxford.