Changing Economic World 7

Introduction – Today’s learning is all about strategies to reduce uneven development and the gap that exists globally – watch the video first as it includes some important definitions for today’s learning

Task 1 – Key Ideas – answer the questions below, you do not have to read the text but it may help you

➀ Why do some countries need investment from other countries or companies?
➁ In your own words, write a definition of a TNC
➂ Why do LICs need investment into manufacturing, not just agriculture, mining or fishing?
➃ In theory, how does investment help a country to develop?

Task 2 – ETHIOPIA – you will be completing a table using this video as an introduction, then the information sheets


➄ Watch the video about Ethiopia’s development journey
➅ Read the information about the companies/businesses that are operating in Ethiopia (you can zoom into the images to make the writing bigger, pinch or zoom using the 3 dots in the top right on a computer)
➆ Complete the table – the first company has been started for you, so copy and complete AFRICA JUICE to help get the idea

Task 3 – EXTENDED WRITING – Use the sentence starters to answer this question:

How does investment in industry help a country to develop?

*If you wish to write your own individual paragraph, please do so.

An LIC may receive investment from… this may be investment for…
This investment impacts the country by… the money is created by… this money can be used to…
Overall I think that an LIC does / does not benefit from investment in industry because…


China is a big player in African nations in the 21st Century. Watch the video on the right, then read about how it is investing and what this means for those countries:

Some content taken from AQA GCSE (9-1) Geography, Hodder Education, John Widdowson, Rebecca Blackshaw, Merly King, Simon Oakes, Sarah Wheeler, Michael Witherick. With thanks to @Geo_Jo26 and The Geographical Association for resources