Top reading and writing tips – your final step to becoming French ;)

Bonjour et bienvenue!

Comment ça va? I hope you are all okay! Last week we looked at speaking skills; hopefully many of you were able to find some useful tips and well done to those of you who had a go at reading out those tricky tongue twisters and poems! Learning those key sounds and rules will really boost your French :).

This week we will be looking at reading and writing skills. Many of you may have been completing short writings for your teachers and will have been doing a number of reading activities. Hopefully this will be helpful to you and maybe give you some ideas of what you could work on over summer.

Check out the reading exam tips below – select 3 which you don’t already do and note them down. Then have a go at the GCSE-style reading activity below and implement these strategies. Were they helpful?

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Finally, we wanted to add a little bit on writing skills too as next week’s WordPress will be a special summer cultural edition! The document below is one that we made to show you lots of ways of improving your French writing. Check it out! It could be a good idea to download this and use it when you do your next piece of French writing :).

La culture de la semaine

I’m sure many of you will have seen the Black Lives Matter campaigns and recent events across the world. We may have particularly seen what is happening in America and the UK. I thought it could be interesting this week to look at France. Have a look at the images of some of the recent protests in France. Can you work out what any of the French language signs mean?

Can you find out any more about the Black Lives Matter campaign in France?

Remember to send us any information or work to your teacher or!

A reader lives a thousand lives. Those who never read only live one.

Les blagues de la semaine! (Jokes of the week)

  • Quel est le sport le plus silencieux ?  (What is the quietest sport?)
  • Le parachuuuuuut !  (Parachuting!)

“Chut” is the sound that French people do when they ask for silence. 🤫 (We says shhhhhhh)

Le Nintendo Oui!

Answers to this week’s reading worksheet :

05.1 = Géraldine 05.2 = Charlotte 05.3 = Alice 05.4 = Fadoua 05.5 = Daniella 05.6 = Beya