Time Markers

Bonjour! Last week we looked at the PRESENT tense. This week we’ll look at TIME Markers to make our sentences more complex, more interesting. Remember to email us photos of your creative work at mflwordpress@clf.uk 🙂

Les Adverbes de temps

Useful Vocabulary:

aujourd’hui  – today

d’abord – first of all

maintenant  – now

ensuite / alors  / puis  – then

actuellement  / en ce moment – at this moment

demain (+ present tense) – tomorrow

le  lundi – on Mondays

pendant/ durant  la semaine – during the week

pendant/ durant  le weekend – during the weekend

gĂ©nĂ©ralement  – in general

souvent  – often

rarement – rarely

tous les jours – every day

toujours  – always

quelquefois  / parfois – sometimes

de temps en temps  – from time to time

une fois par jour – once a day

deux fois par semaine  – twice a week

trois fois par mois  – three times a month

Now have a go at using time markers by completing this worksheet below. (Answers at the bottom of the page).

Un poème sur le temps

Un proverbe français

Les blagues du jour (Jokes of the day)

Learning Tip of the Week

In MFL, learning vocabulary and remembering it is CRUCIAL. Being able to recall different words, different conjugations, rules and exception is what will make a difference in becoming “fluent”. But to do this you need to work on your memory skills. One of the best ways to train your brain to remember things is to use flashcards. Using your knowledge organisers create your own flashcards using to speed up your learning.

You can do them online:


You can do them animated on Powerpoint:


Or you can make them yourself:

La Culture française

“Les p’tits bateaux” is a French expression linked to children. It’s nursery rhyme, a brand of clothes for children but it’s also the name of a series of podcasts for kids available on French radio “France Inter”. Challenge of the week, try to listen to a French podcast for kids!


Established in 1893 in Troyes, France, Petit Bateau (which translates to “little boat”) got its start as a line of cozy casual wear for children which made its way to the catwalk! Designer Karl Lagerfeld incorporated a Petit Bateau white tee shirt in a Chanel fashion show, so even grown-ups wanted to get their hands on “un t- shirt blanc Petit Bateau”!


La Recette de la semaine

French food is très délicieux!!!!!!

How about having a go at the recipe below. Don’t forget you can send photos of your culinary delights to mflwordpress@clf.uk