The Present tense

Bonjour! Last week we looked at INFINITIVES. This week we’ll look at how to form the present tense for regular verbs (regular infinitives). Remember to email us photos of your creative work at 🙂

To use the present tense, we’ll need to learn how to conjugate regular infinitive verbs. Do you remember how we recognise French infinitives from last week?

Conjugate is a linguistic term or word: Conjugate means changing a verb’s form to express a different person or tense. So when you change the spelling of a verb (usually the ending), you actually conjugate the verb.

Put simply, conjugate = change the ending of an infinitive verb.

The present tense is very useful to talk about what you usually do on a typical day, at weekends, on holidays. You also use the present tense to describe what you are currently doing. In English there are two present tenses:

The simple present – I eat cereal for breakfast / they talk to their friends on Skype.

The present progressive – I am eating an apple (now) / she is phoning her friend (now) / he’s currently looking for his keys.

In French there is only one present – the simple present. So when you want to say that you are doing something, just use the simple present tense.

Watch the video below to help you understand this present tense.

So in a nutshell, to conjugate a verb in the

Now have a go at using the present tense by completing this worksheet below. (Answers at the bottom of the page).

Les blagues du jour (Jokes of the day)

Paresseux can mean lazy as well as the animal, the sloth.

La Culture française

French food is très délicieux!!!!!!

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Do you know what this question means? Watch the videos below as a clue. Why don’t you have a go at singing along at home?

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More challenging version:

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