Speaking Skills – How to basically become French ;)

Bonjour et bienvenue!

Comment ça va? I hope you are all okay! Last week we looked at listening skills; hopefully many of you were able to find some useful tips and well done to those of you who had a go at understanding Cornell’s experience of lockdown in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This week we will be looking at speaking skills which link really well to listening as this is one way we can improve. By immersing ourselves in French we can improve our accent, pronunciation and vocabulary! We know that for many of you the speaking exam can be really nerve-wracking and we totally understand. Having a practice of your speaking this week will be really helpful; it may have been a while for many of you :).

Below are some top tips for pronunciation – have a read and a watch. We will then use these rules to have a go at a poem and some tongue twisters below!

Your turn now!

Using these top tips and thinking carefully about your pronunciation have a go at reading the poem and tongue twisters below out loud. Practice them several times and notice the key sounds. We would love it if you could then record yourself reading these out on your phone and send us the MP3. We won’t publish any without your permission, of course.

Can you work out what any of these tongue twisters mean!? Please send your recordings to your class teacher or mflwordpress@clf.uk. We’d love to hear them :).

Les blagues de la semaine! (Jokes of the week)

Learning French pronunciation can sometimes feel like this…but it gets easier!