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Last week we looked at comparisons, this week we’re looking at opinions in French so you can talk about your likes and dislikes. We have seen some amazing work so far, so please continue to email us with your superb creations (Eiffel Towers) and beautiful French work at mflwordpress@clf.uk  🙂

In spoken French people often say “j’aime pas
BUT the CORRECT way is to say “je n’aime pas“.

Le dicton de la semaine: Qui aime bien châtie bien (which means ‘tough love’)

Dire “Je t’aime” avec une fleur…

Le travail de la semaine (work this week) 

Take a look at the video below to hear 4 simple opinions in French:

Now it’s your turn to practise what you have learnt! (download the worksheet and complete the tasks, then download the answers to check)

L’homophone de la semaine

Homophone /həʊməfəʊn/ (noun):  words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling like flour and flower or to, two and too or even their, they’re and there. In French there are lots of homophones too. This week we’re looking at the homophones sounding /vair/. A green worm (un ver vert) is headed towards (va vers) an upside-down glass tumbler (un verre en verre à l’envers).

La recette facile de la semaine… Bon appétit!

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