Listening Skills – How can I understand more!?

Bonjour et bienvenue!

Comment ça va? I hope you are all okay! This week we are going to be looking at listening skills. We know this is something many of you find very challenging and this is totally normal. When you are trying to process another language and work out what they are saying it can seem as though the person is speaking very quickly. It is totally normal to feel like this and it is honestly just a case of practising and focusing on what you do know rather than what you don’t!

Immersing yourself as much as possible is a great plan too and the two short videos below give you some fantastic ideas to improve your listening skills from home!

One of my personal favourite ways to work on my listening skills is to use This website has lots of hit songs. You can choose one that you like and listen to it whilst filling in the missing words that you hear. It can be quite quick so I would recommend starting with “beginner” and “choice” mode. One of my favourite songs in “Tout le Monde” by Corneille. See if you like it too! There will be lots of songs you recognise.

Your turn now! This week we are going to combine culture with our listening activity. Watch the video diary below made for the UNICEF charity by Cornell who lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is one of many West-African nations which speak French. Watch the video once through to get the gist; it does have subtitles but try to just take in the French. The second or third time you listen have a go at the quiz below.

Have a go at the quiz here :

Please send your answers to your class teacher or We would love to feature some on our next blog post!

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