Immerse yourself in French

There are lots of ways that you can access French through different types of media.  Try out as many as you can and find out which ones you like best.  You will not be able to understand all of what is being said but if you can work out an idea of what they are talking about and recognise some of the words this is a great start.  Also you will be hearing the pronunciation of the words and the intonation of the language – these are very important if you want to sound like a native speaker.  Bonne Chance !

Watch Television – watch the latest news in French There is a free section on this website called: ‘Replay gratuit’

Euronews – If you get this channel on your television you can select French from the language menu.  This is excellent if you want to pick a news article that interests you and listen at a slower speed.  This is a subscription website but there are some parts for free as samples. The first part of some of the news stories are free – this is excellent just a short recording with the headlines – the most important part of the story – play it a few times to get the most out of it!

BBC Website: – Select England GCSE scroll down until you find Modern Languages.  On the Speaking and Listening tabs there are some great short videos to practise your listening skills

Listen to the radio

Find other radio stations that you like


Find a range of French reading materials – keep a notebook near to jot down any useful vocabulary. 

Newspapers and magazines: You can find these in some newsagents and some larger libraries or if you go on holiday. Scan headlines and read an article that grabs your attention.

Kindle – if you download the kindle app there are some French books available for free on Amazon – you can also use the translation tool to tap on words you don’t understand. Just search French free books in the Kindle section of Amazon – download to your kindle or Kindle app on phone or tablet!


Look at the BBC website for links to French programmes available online. You might need to copy and paste this into your browser.

British Council – Have a look on the British Council website


If you enjoy watching videos on Youtube there are a couple of good YouTubers

Subscribe to:  Cyprien – popular YouTuber – talks about a range of current topics.

Onatti Productions – videos especially for MFL learners.

Online Dictionary

A good on-line dictionary is

This is good for vocabulary and also for conjugating verbs – have a go.  No need to look up every single word!!  Just pick up the gist of an article/


There are lots of different places where you can find French films with or without subtitles.  has French films with French subtitles and it’s free.  Click here and you can sign up to Mubi and get 3 months free access to French films.

Blague de la semaine

Lockdown in Paris – Watch the video …. Find out how the Lockdown has been for Etienne …. Find out what he’s been missing during Lockdown!