Bonjour et bienvenue!

Hi Year 7, we hope you’ve had a good week. We have been very impressed with some of your creativity. We’ve had some lovely Eiffel towers sent to us so do continue to email us with your amazing creations at

Last week we looked at adjectival agreement, today we are going to find out about comparisons in French as they can add more detail to your work. What do we mean by a comparison? Can you create a sentence in English comparing the images below? Here we have characters from a famous French cartoon (on the left Asterix, in the middle Dogmatix, on the right Obelix).

For example, Obelix is taller than Asterix or Asterix is more intelligent than Obelix.

Take a look at the video below to find out about how comparisons work in French.

Now it’s your turn to practise what you’ve learnt! (Answers at the bottom of this post)

As well as using comparisons to add greater detail you can also use a range of intensifiers. These are small words that add detail to the adjectives you are using. Using your knowledge organiser 2 (at the bottom of this post), can you find out the meaning of these French intensifiers?

For example, J’adore le français parce que c’est extrêmement cool!!!

Les blagues du jour! (Jokes of the day!)

Why don’t the French have a full English breakfast? Because one egg is un oeuf!

Qu’est-ce que tu fais? – What are you doing?
mon repas – my meal

La culture française

How fast can you say this phrase?

How many times did it take you to say it correctly?

Tongue twisters are a great way to practise speaking French out loud. Below, we’ve chosen a few for you to have a go at, they are quite fast and you will need to start off slow, just give them a go! Maybe you could practise them with your family and have a little competition as to who can say them the best, in the quickest time.

Bigflo et Oli, Vianney, Louane, Stromae, Angelina. Have you heard of any of these people?

They are all famous French singers. How much French music do you listen to?

French music is a great way for you to practise your listening skills. Here are some French music artists we would love you to try out. Let us know who you prefer.

With thanks from Rushey Mead School

Here is a great website that you can try to help practise listening to French music. Let us know how you get on.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson. Don’t forget to look at the extended French project (attached below) and tick off the sections you’ve already completed. We would love your feedback about our French posts so please do email us at