Language Module 2

Year 10 Writing About Place Blog 2:

Creating a Journal

Let’s start….

In this blog you will learn what a journal is and be invited to keep one over the coming weeks as you respond to the creative writing tasks which will be set.

What is a journal?

  • A journal is a written record of your thoughts, experiences, and observations. It is similar to a diary but isn’t necessarily a chronological account of where you have been and what you have done each day
  • Journals are more open than this and often include your opinions on what is happening around you in the society in which you live
  • Journals are often very personal and can include sketches or images which explore the ideas you want to record

Why do people keep journals?

  • To record memories that are important
  • To reflect upon feelings and thoughts about their life
  • To help deal with difficult situations by reflecting upon them through writing them down
  • They enjoy writing and using language to express their ideas

The benefits of keeping a journal are that it can……

  • Improve your writing. Generally, the more you write, the better a writer you become. Writing regularly makes writing easier, and it helps you develop your own writing voice 
  • Quite often the journal can be for your eyes only and can be used as first drafts for pieces of writing

Many famous people say that they find keeping a journal really useful…

Lady Gaga also says that “it’s important to stay in tune with your thoughts:” As she tours the world, Gaga notes everything down in her journal. It contains her thoughts, feelings, sketches, pictures and even letters between herself and mum Cynthia”

For further examples please see this link:

What do you need to do?

  • Find an old notebook or writing pad/ make one / use a word document- anything you can get your hands on to use as a journal
  • You might like to make a unique cover to personalise it

Taking it further…..

  • Write more– draft more than once, experiment with your ideas
  • Take your ideas further than the blog tasks and enjoy the process!
  • This could be a valuable record of this strange and unusual time in your life for you to look back on in years to come

Let’s get started! We hope you enjoy keeping a journal.