Unseen Poetry, Lesson 1

Today you will:

Analyse the language, form and structure used by a writer to create meaning.

You will need:

– a pen
– your English book/paper

By the end of this blog you will:

– understand how you will be assessed for this section of the exam.
– be aware of how to approach an unseen poem.
– have annotated a poem independently.

The unseen section of the exam is in two parts.

Section A: You are asked to analyse ONE poem. This question is 24 marks.
Section B: You have to compare the methods used in TWO poems. This question is 8 marks. You should write about similarities and differences in how methods are used between the two poems. 

Unseen poetry can seem daunting, you’ve never seen the poem before and you don’t have your teacher to help you, but with practice you can tackle anything.

Task 1:

Read the poem below.

Task 2:

Write down your initial response to the poem.
– what do you think the poem is about?
– what is the tone of the poem?

Task 3: Annotate the poem using the prompts below.

What are the indications of the title?
What is your summary of the poem?
What are the five quotations you would use to write about the poem?
What are the key words to explore further in the quotations?
What is the mood/atmosphere of the poem?
How does the poem conclude?
How is the story of the poem told?
What is the structure and form of the poem and what is the impact of these choices?
What methods does the write use and why?

Hopefully you’ve managed to answer some of the prompt questions.
If not, do not worry. Here are some ideas to help you.

The poem begins with the speaker asking a fearsome tiger what kind of divine being could have created it: “What immortal hand or eye/ Could frame they fearful symmetry?”.
The speaker goes on to ask how the divine being could keep creating such a menacing creature.

Task 4: Look at the question below and underline the keywords.

In ‘The Tyger’ how does the speaker present his attitude towards the tiger?

Which words did you underline?

In ‘The Tygerhow does the speaker present his attitude towards the tiger?

You are going to use ‘What? Where? How? Why?’ order to structure your response.
Look at the table below to help you.

Task 5: Write 1 paragraph answering the question:

In ‘The Tyger’ how does the speaker present his attitude towards the tiger?

Do you need to see a model response?

In ‘The Tyger’ the speaker appears to be in awe of both the tiger and the creator. This is evident in the rhetorical question, ‘What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? that the speaker asks. By using this question, the speaker appears to be confused as to who has made the tiger and for what reason. The use of the adjective ‘fearful’ suggests that the speaker is concerned as to why the tiger has been created to be so ferocious. From this the reader can also understand that the speaker is unsure who has made the tiger and for what reason. There is a sense of uncertainty throughout the poem.

Now contact your English teacher. Send them the paragraph you have written.
You can do this through Show My Homework, Google Classroom, email or by sharing your work through OneDrive.