Language Module 7

Year 10 Writing About Place 7 of 10: Visiting London


In this blog we will explore the city of London. This famous city has been the inspiration for many artists, musicians and writers. What ideas come to mind when you see these images?

It is very strange to see this busy place so empty at this time, you will see this on the webcams on the website.

We will explore the website Visit London and write a journal entry about an imaginary visit to one of the Top Ten Tourist Sites.

You will need….

  • A pen or pencil and some paper
  • Your journal or place where you intend to keep your creative writing
  • Access to the website “Visit London”

By the end of this blog….

  • You will have navigated your way around the website Visit London in order to find key factual information
  • You will have produced another piece of creative writing for your journal

Reading a website in detail….

You do……

Use these links to answer the following questions.

  • List 5 bookable attractions
  • List 4 things that you can see and/or learn about at the Tower of London
  • Where is Madame Tussauds and which are the nearest tube and rail stations to it?
  • What is the London Eye?
  • Which attraction would you like to visit and why?

You do…..

Experience London at Home: Review your experience

You are going to write a “virtual” review of London for your journal

This is an amazing part of the website where you can choose to experience a part of London ” virtually”.

It is up to you where you choose to visit. Please take notes about what the experience feels like as you are shown around the attraction.

Alternatively, if you wish to reflect upon a time when you visited a London attraction you could write about that instead.

This is an example of how you might proceed

Step One

  2. I used this link to have a look around some of the key sites in London.
  3. I took notes on my observations as I moved through the “Virtual Tour”.
  4. I would recommend that you spend some time getting used to the way the tour works– click the 360 view symbol, it will give you more options, pause the view for a while. I enjoyed exploring all of the attractions before deciding to write about Westminster Abbey which was the most spectacular to me
  5. Click on the ! Information button for details about the attraction
  6. Click back on The London Eye picture to get back to the options

Step Two

Write up your virtual experience

This is how I began…

Virtual Tour of Westminster Abbey

” I am amazed by the sheer size and age of this building. It had been beautifully preserved and looked after.

( I would then go on to talk about what it looked like in detail, important features that I noticed, the colours, the materials and the history. I would also use some information about it from the details from the website that are linked via the right hand information symbol such as when it was built and by whom)

I would finish by imagining the atmosphere inside this place and how I would feel if I were really there.

Well done. Share your work with your teacher in the way you usually do.