Language Module 6

Year 10 Writing About Place Blog 6: Living in the city


Bristol is a really interesting city but do you know much about it?

Bristol has always been a popular place to live, work and study. In 2018 a Royal Mail survey found that Bristol was voted the third most desirable city to live in the UK next to Edinburgh and London.

In this blog you will think about what our city has to offer and develop your opinion of it as a citizen who lives here

You will need….

  • A pen or pencil and some paper
  • Your journal or place where you intend to keep your creative writing

By the end of this blog….

  • You will have practised your skills of reading for factual detail and inference from the website ” Visit Bristol
  • You will have produced another piece of creative writing for your journal

Reading a website in detail….vocabulary you might want to check out: enveloped, spirited, sumptuous, quirky, irrepressible

You do…..

Please visit this website and watch the video on this page which showcases many things that Bristol has to offer. You may wish to take notes on what you see and things that interest you

  1. Write a short paragraph about what Bristol has to offer a visitor or a resident. What attractions and facilities does the city have? Aim for at least 100 -200 words or more.
  2. You may wish to start with…Welcome to Bristol – A city that doesn’t just buzz, it thumps!

Now it’s your turn to be creative. You are going to write another piece for your journal

Experience Bristol from your sofa: A virtual visit to the city

Use the link below to follow a virtual tour or a 360 view of a tourist attraction in Bristol. There are quite a few to choose from and you may wish to explore more than one.

Writing Task

Think about which attraction you would like to focus on. You are going to choose one to write a short review or guide recommending the attraction to someone else.

Aim for a minimum of 150 words. Remember that you are going to promote it’s selling points and best features.

Your audience could be someone of your own age from another city or country. Make your review personal and don’t be afraid to give your opinion.

You may wish to begin… ” There is something for everyone at ( insert name of attraction). It is one of Bristol’s most visited attractions and I can understand wny,

Well done. You have now completed another piece of creative writing. Share your work with your teacher in the way you usually do.