Language Module 4

Year 10 Writing About Place Blog 4: Ideas of Home


Let’s return to the question and think about what makes a home?

What does it mean to feel “at home” somewhere ?

You will need….

  • A pen or pencil and some paper
  • Download the extract below if you can or refer to it on a screen
  • Your journal or place where you intend to keep your creative writing

By the end of this blog….

  • You will have practised your skills of reading for factual detail and inference
  • You will have produced another piece of creative writing for your journal

Reading the text in detail….

You do……

Read the extract “Home” from Letters to my daughter by Maya Angelou. To start with….see what you can understand about it.. In this piece she talks about what home means to her.

Maya Angelou

You do…..

Answer these questions on the extract

1 Where was Maya Angelou born?

2) Who did she live with in her childhood years?

3) List all the places that Maya Angelou has lived in.

4) Which best describes Maya Angelou’s attitude towards home in this extract…. choose from A, B or C.

A Once you leave you can never return home

B One can never leave home

C You can be at home anywhere

5 Challenge question: What do you think Angelou means when she says, ” I believe that one carries the shadows, the dreams, the fears and dragons of home under one’s skin.”? Think about what these ideas might represent- what is she suggesting about how home influences us?

6 Challenge question : What do you think Maya Angelou means when she says, ” I believe we feel safest when we go inside ourselves and find a home where we belong and maybe the only place we really do.”

Now it’s your turn to be creative. You are going to write your second piece for your journal.

You are going to explore what “ feeling” at home means to you

Step One

1 Firstly– sit in your favourite place- where do feel the most comfortable or relaxed? Why? If you can, take at least 15 minutes to find some quiet time to reflect on the following questions and write down your thoughts in note form or as sketches.

What are your home comforts? What do you prefer to wear when you are relaxing at home? How do you feel and how do you behave?

What are the best things about your home? You may also want to consider your least favourite things.

You might want to think about the people you share home with, any animals you might have, any possessions which you couldn’t live without!

What makes your home special to you?

Is there a particular time of year that is special in your home? Do you have any traditions or regular routines in your family? You might want to think about times such as birthdays, Christmas or other special events.

What do you miss about home when you are away from it?

Step Two

Now you are going to use these notes to write a journal entry titled ” Home.” Focus on your best ideas.

Now start writing …. aim for 200 -300 words minimum.

Here is an example that might help you… ” My home is special to me because it is the one place I can just stop and relax. I can be quiet and just be myself. I can sing in the bathroom, I can dance in the kitchen if I like.. it doesn’t matter because only my family can see me making a fool of myself.”

Well done. You have now created your second piece of creative writing for your journal on “Writing about Place

Share your comprehension questions and your creative writing with your teacher in the way you usually share your work.

You might like to explore Maya Angelou’s work. She is an amazing woman.