Language Module 10

Year 10 Writing About Place 10 of 10

Where would you like to go, who would you like to see?

My Bucket List



This is the final blog in this series Writing about Place. We are going to explore places which you would like to go to– these can be real or imaginary.

You will need….

  • A pen or pencil and some paper
  • Your journal or place where you intend to keep your creative writing

By the end of this blog….

  • You will have thought about places you might like to visit
  • You will have produced your final piece for your journal

You will be using a dictionary or thesaurus to explore and develop your vocabulary– these can be found on-line

You do……have a look at these pictures……what do they make you think about?

Magical and inspirational places

You do

Where would you like to go?

At the moment travel may seem unlikely or even impossible but that’s the great thing about using your imagination.

Do you have a list of places that you would really like to go to? Often people call this a “Bucket List.”

Creating a Bucket List

At the moment my “Bucket List” would be very simple. In Lockdown my top 5 places to visit would be :

In Lockdown

  • Parents’ house
  • A friend’s house
  • The swimming pool
  • A favourite cafe
  • Cornwall

Out of Lockdown

  • West Coast of America
  • Scottish Islands
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Switzerland

You do: Now make a “Bucket List” of your own in a similar way for in and out of Lockdown

You Do

Step One

Choose one place from your list that you would like to write about- this can be from either list. You are going to imagine that you are there!

Step Two

Aim to to write at least 150-200 words about the place you have chosen. Use all the skills you have been developing over this module.

  • Use sensory description-attention to what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel
  • Use detail– attention to colour, texture, shape and size
  • Use a “camera lens” approach– as if you are describing the whole scene then zooming in on small details
  • Try to capture the atmosphere of the place

You may wish to start with...

I have wanted to visit……….. for as long as I can remember.


It may seem simple but I have really missed going to…………….. during Lockdown.

Well done. Share your work with your teacher in the way you usually do.

Even though this is the last Blog in this series of writing about place you can continue your journal for as long as you want to. As we have discovered, writing is a great way to express yourself and explore your ideas, feeling and thoughts. You may find these links useful as you continue to develop as a writer.

The link below will help you to explore your ideas further. The tutorial by Vicky Foster is specifically about writing about place. Good luck!