What’s next, Year 8? Looking ahead to Year 9…

WHAT: This is a mini preview of what you will be studying when you return to school in September.

You will be reading a very famous Science Fiction novel next term! Watch the movie trailer and read the summary:

There are lots of different book covers. Here is just one of many!

The War of the Worlds Summary
The War of the Worlds is a novel by H.G. Wells in which Martians invade England. The Martians are worm-like creatures who intend to use Earth as a feeding ground, and the Earthlings are powerless to stop them.
Martians arrive in London, quickly taking control of the city. These Martians are hideous, worm-like monsters that intend to feed on humans.
Despite their best efforts, the humans are unable to fend off the Martians and aliens soon overrun the planet.
The Martians aren’t prepared for Earth’s bacteria, however. Their nervous systems are destroyed, and they die not from a human assault, but from illness.

Have you ever read a science fiction story before? Do you know what the genre is usually like or what its conventions are?

Watch this short video explaining the ingredients of science fiction…

Don’t read War of the Worlds over the summer as this will spoil all the fun in September!

However, you might want to read other science fiction novels. H.G. Wells also wrote The Time Machine. You can read about it here: https://www.sparknotes.com/lit/timemachine/summary/

If you’re feeling inspired, you could write a short science fiction story yourself! Have a read of this short extract, and check out the suggested story ideas underneath it.

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