What’s next Year 7? Looking ahead to Year 8…

Hello Year 7! As we reach the end of the school year, it is useful to look ahead to September and think about what is coming next. This session will give you some ideas for things you could be doing over the summer holidays to prepare for Year 8. You do not have to do them, but anything you can do will help you to be ready for the new and exciting challenges of Year 8.

Read, Read and Read Some More!

The long holiday is a great time to do some reading. Try to read something you would not normally choose. Click here for some suggested reads…


Year 8 Term 1: Modern Novel and Non-Fiction

Next term, you will be starting Year 8 by reading a modern novel called ‘Animal Farm’ by a writer named George Orwell. To prepare for this unit, you could…

Research the background/ historical context to the novel.

Research information about George Orwell.

You do not need to read ‘Animal Farm’ as you will be doing this in class. ‘Animal Farm’ is an example of dystopian fiction. A dystopia is an imagined world in which people are unhappy and living in fear. To prepare for the topic, you could read some other examples of dystopian fiction. Here are some ideas…

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (also has a film version if you are looking for something to watch)

Divergent by Veronica Roth (also has a film version)

The Maze Runner by James Dashner (also has a film version)

Legend by Marie Lu

Writing to Persuade

In term 1 of Year 8, you will also be thinking about some non-fiction writing. You could revise how to write to argue, persuade or advise to prepare for September. Use the link below to do this.


You could try one of these writing challenges:

Writing challenge 1: Write a letter to the Principal of your academy to persuade them to include more opportunities for exercise during the school day.

Writing challenge 2: Write a letter to the Principal of your academy to persuade them to organise a trip to a destination of your choice.

Writing challenge 3: Write a letter to your English teacher to persuade them to include your favourite book on the English curriculum.

It is also really important to have a rest! It has been a strange few months and it is important that you feel relaxed and calm so that you are ready to start Year 8. Well done on all of the work you have been completing over the last few months. You should all feel really proud of yourselves!

Have a great summer!