Shakespeare – Modules 6 and 7 Summary Test

WHAT: Revise your knowledge of the plays Hamlet and Julius Caesar.

By the end of these modules you should be able to:

✔ Say what happens in the plays
✔ Describe some of the characters

Today you will need:
✎ A pen
☰ Some paper to write on

1) Get your pen and paper ready. Answer the questions below, using full sentences (for literacy practice)
2) After you have answered the questions, click on each one to reveal the answer. Tick the ones you have answered correctly.

Here’s a TOP TIP: When you answer the questions, there is no need to write down the question and the answer underneath. You should instead try to reword the question into a statement.
E.g. When Shakespeare was a little boy, he lived in…

✍ Writing your answers in full sentences will help your literacy!

1) In the play Hamlet, who is Gertrude?

The Queen and Hamlet’s mother.

2) Who does Hamlet believe killed his father?

His uncle, Claudius.

3) What kind of play is Hamlet?


4) How does Ophelia die?

She drowns herself.

5) Who is Hamlet’s trusted friend?


6) What is the term used to describe a negative character trait (fatal flaw) such as greed, pride or jealousy?


7) Where is Julius Caesar set?


8) Who plots to murder Caesar?

Caius Cassius

9) Who speaks up for Caesar and drives the murderers away from Rome?

Mark Anthony

10) Who is Caesar’s nephew who joins Mark Anthony in taking control of Rome at the end of the play?


Well done for completing modules 6 and 7!